Gigi Ann


Gigi Ann is an English/Slovak pop R&B singer/songwriter currently based in Bratislava, Slovakia.  

Her songwriting, inspired by the life she and her friends live and the issues they, like many others of her generation face, such as mental health, heartbreak and social identity, give rise to sentiments of artists such as Amy Winehouse, Duffy and Jorja Smith, who along with the mothers of soul, Aretha Franklin and Etta James, are great inspirations to her lyrical thoughts and singing voice.

The very first song I ever wrote was for a poetry slam at age nine. I titled it ‘You Forgot Me,’ a rather jarring statement coming out of the mouth of a nine-year old, but as most would agree, I did always have a flair for the dramatic. The song was about an unrequited love and broken promises, and I can with full confidence ascertain that it was the feeling I felt after I read it for the first time, after I put the pencil down and just looked at the words in front of me, that solidified something in my mind and just sort of said: “This. This is what you’re meant to do. This is what you’re good at.” And that was the sensational start of my lyric-writing journey – though the fact that I did end up winning that poetry slam may have boosted my confidence a little bit ;)

Following my sort of “aha moment” came chapter 2 of this passage to stardom, the actual music aspect. I had been training with vocal coaches ever since kindergarten and it was the only hobby I never let go of. I must have gone through 5 vocal coaches till I turned twelve? That was until I met my current vocal coach, to whom I whole-heartedly give full-credit for turning me into the vocalist I am today. I learned to view singing less so as a talent or skill and looked to it more as a new, foreign language I was enthralled in learning. Breathing, intonation, voice manipulation, tone…the complexity of it all just fascinates me and allows me to explore certain regions of my voice in my own work I would have, most likely, never discovered or thought to master. Over the years I learned the basics of piano and guitar playing, both of which I aspire to thrive at in the future, which melodized the lyrics that had been swarming in my head. That was chapter 2, probably the most life-changing when looking back at it.

My musical style draws inspiration largely from my feelings for the genre of R&B/Soul, especially presently through my following of artists such as Jorja Smith, Summer Walker, Justin Nozuka and Brent Faiyaz, yet my influences vary among genres and I have a fondness of pop artists like Ruel, Harry Styles, Shawn Mendes and John Mayer, as well as alternative artists and bands, for example Hozier and Kaleo. Seeing these artists live at festivals and concerts paved the way to my current dream, the dream of being a recording and performing musical artist.

To date, I have shared more than 14 originals with my friends and family over social media, posting little one-minute snippets of home-recorded songs accompanied acoustically with guitar or piano on my Instagram. The feedback I had received from people close to me, but also the humble following I had acquired due to my music, acted as the deciding push in the summer of 2021, spurring me to start reaching out to music producers in the country. Hearing people say they related to my lyrics or enjoyed my voice was the biggest praise I’d ever received, giving me hope, hope that my music may have promise and that I, as an artist, have a chance to create something meaningful. And that’s chapter 3, present time 2022, the release of my debut single ‘Devil in Disguise.’  I don’t have expectations, for I believe in the due course of things and how success is grown organically and through quality. I want this to work out. I really do.I hope you all enjoy what I have to offer and find some sense of comfort in what I have to say through my lyrics, and in what I feel through my music.  

I thank all of you for showing interest and supporting me in my journey of achieving my greatest dream. All the opportunities I have been bestowed with, would not have been brought about without such a relationship.

Gigi Ann xx